Hi! My name is Mia.

I am passionate about swim and everything water related! From water safety/parental education down to water conservation I'll run down any hill that touches the subject. I LOVE playing mermaids and teaching children how to do the same. I love warm weather and red rocks to sit on, being a desert mermaid in the state of Utah definitely has its perks. 

Birthday Parties

Some kids want spider man or wolverine at their birthday party, but I wanted a mermaid! That wasn't an option for me so I figured I would just be that mermaid! Birthday parties can be both in the pool and on land. (wet/dry events)

Library storytelling

This is my favorite kind of event because: +its FREE at the library! +I can do it all seasons +I get to meet lots of new people! Keep an eye out on my Instagram to see what location I'm at to catch me having a clam old time!

Environmental Education

Learning about the environment is key to certain species' survival. I can be booked to swim at private/public pools, aquariums, beaches and even sit dry in the classroom!

Mandated Reporter

I am certified from the state of California on Mandated Reporting for child abuse. I am expected to be honest and diligent in my services as to protect kids in danger and prevent possible scenarios in which something could occur. I am to file anything deemed suspicious concerning any child/parent/guardian situation from witnessing, secondhand communication. or alarming signs/symptoms.

Lay Responder

I am certified from Dixie State University through American Red Cross and meet the qualifications for the professional rescuer First aid/CPR/AED

Teaching English as a foreign language

I have my online certificate to teach English as a foreign language to all age groups! I served a volunteer project based in Romania and had the time of my life trying to both teach English and simultaneously learn Hungarian.

Fashion Design Certificate

I have a diploma in Fashion design! I have worked on theatrical costuming, loungewear, and I alter/ revamp gowns!

Water Safety Ambassador

I am a representative in the Red cross community for water safety.

Miss Petite Nevada 2023

Miss Petite U.S.A.

As a fellow not-so-tall woman I uphold the belief that our sizes and shapes make us unique; Let's celebrate this uniqueness!!! My platform this year, and for the rest of my life is my project: Reaching fantastic change.

State Cleanups

Lake, invasive species, safety

Need something to do? I need extra hands! We do cleanups on lake shores, bike paths, remove invasive species, practice safety and have tons of resources for more projects. Great for Scouts, Youth activities, and Conserving Utah lake.

Swiss Merlympian


I am Utah's first ever Mermaid Olympian competing in the "Swiss Merlympics 2024! This is the very first year international athletes have been invited to compete, I am honored and grateful for such an opportunity.

How do I get the most accurate pricing for an educational event?

Click the "Contact" tab on the menu bar

Send me the following information:



best way to contact you

When you are finished click the "Contact us" button and it will send the information to me

I will get back to you between 2-5 days maximum.
We can discuss how you would like things to run and we will work out a date and time. 

How do I book you for birthdays?

Click the "Contact" Tab on the menu bar
Send me your:
Cell phone #
2-3 dates you would like to try and find a time for.
who the event is for/what the event is.
location of the event
hours you desire me to work.
Mermaid look you prefer. 

When you are finished click the "Contact us" button and it will send the information to me
I will be able to contact you within 5 business days maximum.
The reason I ask for multiple dates that could work for you is because many birthdays overlap and It's first come, first serve for any specific date/time.
Two to three weeks prior to the desired date.
I am willing to commute anywhere in Salt Lake County and Utah County.
Commute charges will be determined by location during scheduling.
*A wet event is one I will be swimming at in full costume hair, makeup, tail.

*A dry event is an event I will be attending in full costume but no swimming involved

Wet events include:
-swimming time
-story time

Dry events include:
-story time

I accept:

Checks- Addressed to Mia Sim

Venmo @Mia-Sim

Cash- In an envelope with your: name, address, phone number and event written on it.
  • Provo, Utah, United States
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